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"Since returning home my mission has been to help my fellow VETERANS become homeowners. I have put together a Elite Team over the past few years to help and assist all VETERANS regardless of their situation". Leave your contact information and I'll be in touch! 

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Live in luxury. Our properties offer all the amenities you could ever ask for!  

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This home offers a wonderful wooded backyard. 3 Bedrooms on 1 level. Very well Maintained. Get in touch today. 

Check out this home. You Can't find anything at this price, in the north metro that is a 3bed/2bath/2Garage. 

Location, though and though well maintained and very clean. Updated home coming soon. 

VA Home Process

1. Work on getting COE and VA Loan approval with setting a loan budget.

2. Start to look for a home to purchase, research the market for the best deal.

3. Identify a home, and make an offer with favorable terms.

4. Submit our terms to the sellers

5. Submit Earnest Money to the listing broker, they will hold this till close. Earnest money is a good faith that you plan to execute that contract, in the event you backed out, you would forfeit it. If not needed for closing costs, it will be cut to you at close.

6. Conduct home Inspection 7-10 day period, this is our time to evaluate the homes condition. Any and all negotiations need to be done in this period.

7. Lender will push file into processing, typically requiring additional information.

8. The loan will come to the underwriting stage.  

9. During the underwriting stage, they will conduct a home Appraisal to ensure we purchase for no more than the valued Appraisal.

10. Push file into final underwriting and receive the final words "Clear To Close"!

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It's been 7 years that I've been helping Veterans become homeowners. I've put together some top industry professionals to assist, and offer even more discounts to all Veterans. If your a Veteran and thinking of buying or selling a home. Reach out directly to me, I'd love to chat.

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Forrest Roberts has dedicated his career to helping Veterans become homeowners. Forrest has become well known for being the VA Loan Home Expert! 

Forrest Roberts

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